Devon Slack

Grandeur : 5’10/ Poids:  139lbs
Hair : Light Brown / Eyes : blue

CV Slack, Devon





The Lottery (tv)                                          Actor, Protester #2                 Danny Cannon / Warner Horizon

Courting Danger(mow)                           Actor, Tracy Campbell           Philippe Gagnon / Incendo

Beauty and the beast (tv)                         Actor, Petra                            Sudz Suthewrland / CW Television

Hyperspace Madness (game)                     Actor, Keira                            Game On

Gangster 4 (game)                                     Lead                                        Gameloft

Exil (feature)                                              Support                                   Charles-Olivier Michaud

Millionnaires Club (feature)                Support                                   David Tamkin

Veuve Noire (short)                                   Lead                                        Moha Elachi

Relentless (short)                                     Lead                                        Joseph Redknap

Stunts for film/television

WarCraft                                                   Stunt Performer                      Legenday

Helix                                                             Stunt Performer                      SyFy

X-Men                                                            Stunt Performer                      Fox

Orphan Black                                            Stunt Performer                      BBC America/Space

SuperNatural                                            Stunt Performer                      CW Television

Bullet in the face                                      Stunt Performer                      IFC/Eric Canuel

Smallville                                                  Stunt Performer                      CW Television


Straeon Acting Studios witth Jock MacDonald

Actor audition on camera workshop with Elite Casting

ACT Vancouver

Scene study focus 2

Scene study

Voice and Speech

Private Coaching – Kyra and Patrick Sabongui

Heike Brandstatter Stunt Actor/Principal Actor Workshop

Stunt Actor audition workshop with Sean Cossey

Theatre (3 yrs) – Reynolds Secondary School, Victoria,BC

Young Actors Summer Session (2) – Victoria, BC

Special Skills

Fighting, , Sword work and Kali Sticks, High Falls, Swat Tactical Training

Dance (18 years)- Advanced in jazz, ballet and contemporary

Accents: Russian,

Video portrait:

Fight video:

Acting Demo:

Stunt Demo:    

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